Aichi Bunkyo University

Aichi Bunkyo University situated at the city of Komaki, Aichi which was set up in the year 1876. It focuses on quality education and exporting highly skilled manpower for the betterment of mankind. It has been expanding its services through other campuses like: Nisshin Campus, Kusumoto campus, Suemori Campus and Meijo Koen Campus. It has set the fixed goal for the students to make their entire career better by exploring their hidden talent in different sectors, by maintaining affordable fee structure as well as providing them experienced faculty members for learning too. Highly dedicated faculty members are the pride of the University where as highly skilled manpower is the pride of the University.

Aichi Bunkyo University offers number of courses under the faculties and graduate schools which are listed below:

  1. Faculties:
  2. Faculty of Letters:
  • History
  • Japanese Culture
  • International Culture
  • Global English
  • Religious Culture
  1. Faculty of Psychological and Physical Science:
  • Psychology
  • Health Science
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Faculty of Business and Commerce:
  • Commerce
  1. Faculty of Management:
  • Management
  1. Faculty of Economics:
  • Economics
  1. Faculty of Law:
  • Law
  • Law and Contemporary Society
  • Faculty of Policy Studies:
  • Policy Studies
  • School of Pharmacy:
  • Pharmaceutical Health Care and Science
  1. School of Dentistry:
  • Dentistry
  1. Junior College:
  • Dental Hygiene
  1. Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences:
  • Humanities
  • Social and Natural Sciences
  • Foreign Language Courses
  • Physical Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Courses.
  1. Graduate Schools:
  2. Graduate School of Letters:
  • Buddhist and Religious Studies
  • History
  • Studies of English-speaking Culture
  • Studies of Japanese Culture
  1. Graduate School of Psychological and Physical Science:
  • Psychology
  • Health Sciences
  • Graduate School of Commerce:
  • Commerce
  1. Graduate School of Management:
  • Management
  1. Graduate School of Economics:
  • Economics
  1. Graduate School of Law:
  • Jurisprudence
  • Graduate School of Policy Studies:
  • Policy Studies
  • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences:
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  1. Graduate School of Pharmacy:
  • Studies of Pharmacy
  1. Graduate School of Dentistry:
  • Basic Dental Science/Clinical Dentistry

The requirements of all the international applicants while applying in this University are listed below:

  • Complete application through online and show all the required documents.
  • All the academic reports from high school to college must be shown.
  • Copy of passport is also necessary.
  • Every international student must know Japanese language more efficiently.
  • Financial statement verified by the bank is also required for the educational purpose.

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