Aichi Gakuin University

Aichi Gakuin University is one of the famous Private higher learning institutions among other institutions of Japan which was set up in the year 1876 at the city of Nisshin, Aichi. It always focuses to produce highly skilled manpower for the welfare of the society, country and world. It consists of four others branches like: Nisshin Campus, Kusumoto campus, Suemori Campus and Meijo Koen Campus which are expanding quality education and research programs in the favor of students through scientific, modern and practical way. It spread the education under the faculty of letters, faculty of management, faculty of economics, faculty of law, faculty of policy studies and so on.

The programs offers by Aichi Gakuin University are listed below:

  1. Faculty of Letters:
  • History
  • Japanese Culture
  • International Culture
  • Global English
  • Religious Culture
  1. Faculty of Psychological and Physical Science:
  • Psychology
  • Health Science
  • Health and Nutrition
  1. Faculty of Business and Commerce:
  • Commerce
  1. Faculty of Management:
  • Management
  1. Faculty of Economics:
  • Economics
  1. Faculty of Law:
  • Law and Contemporary Society
  • Law
  1. Faculty of Policy Studies:
  • Policy Studies
  1. School of Pharmacy:
  • Pharmaceutical Health Care and Science
  1. School of Dentistry:
  • Dentistry
  1. Junior College:
  • Dental Hygiene
  1. Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences:
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences
  1. Graduate Schools Programs:
  • Buddhist and Religious Studies
  • History
  • Studies of English-speaking Culture
  • Studies of Japanese Culture
  • Psychology
  • Health Sciences
  • Commerce
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Jurisprudence
  • Policy Studies
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Studies of Pharmacy
  • Basic Dental Science/Clinical Dentistry

The requirements of all the international candidates while applying in this University are as follows:

  • Complete application from online and show all the required documents.
  • Japanese language is the primary priority for entire international students.
  • Copy of passport is also necessary.
  • Bank statement verified by the bank is also necessary for the educational purpose.
  • All the academic reports from high school to college must be shown.

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