Bangor University

Bangor University is a one of reputed University of the United Kingdom which was set up in the year 1884 at the city of Bangor, Wales. The qualified lectures and others faculty members are the teams of this University which are successfully providing quality education and conducting different research programs which are helpful for all the students for the further future. It has become the perfect platform for the students to identify and promote their hidden talents for entire growth of their career. The students have a lot of opportunities to develop their personal and professional skills which can be utilized in different productive sectors for the benefits of the mankind.

Plymouth University offers undergraduate, postgraduate and different others programs which are as follows:

  1. Undergraduate Degrees Programs:
  2. Joint Honors:
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Business Studies
  • Childhood Studies
  • Chinese
  • Creative Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Cymraeg
  • Economics
  • Electronic Engineering
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Film Studies
  • French
  • German
  • Health and Social Care
  • History
  • History and Welsh History
  • Italian
  • Journalism
  • Linguistics
  • Management
  • Marine Biology
  • Marketing
  • Media Studies
  • Music
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Professional Writing
  • Psychology
  • Social Policy
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Sport Science
  • Welsh History
  • Zoology
  1. Undergraduate New Courses:
  • Archaeology
  • Chinese Triple Language
  • Chinese with another Language
  • Creative Practice
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • English Language for TEFL
  • English Literature with Creative Writing
  • Geography and Environmental Forestry
  • Health and Social Care
  • History
  • International English Language for TEFL
  • Law with History
  • Law with Media Studies
  • Law with Creative Media Writing
  • Law with Philosophy and Religion
  • Linguistics Marts Ocean and Geophysics
  • Media
  • Psychology
  • Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology
  • Social Policy
  • Societal Health
  • Sociology
  • Professional Welsh (Cymraeg Proffesiynol)
  • Professional Writing
  • Professional Writing and Film
  • Professional Writing and Media
  • Chinese and another subject
  • Media Studies and English
  • Part Time Undergraduate Programs:
  • Combined Studies
  • Fine Art
  1. Undergraduate Distance Learning Courses:
  • Bangor Business School; Chartered Banker MBA
  • School of the Environment and Natural Resources (SENRGY)
  • School of Philosophy and Religion
  1. Postgraduate Degrees Programs:
  2. Taught Postgraduate Degrees Programs:
  • MA (Master of Arts)
  • MSc (Master of Science)
  • MMus (Master of Music)
  • LLM (Master of Law)
  1. Postgraduate Research Degrees Programs:
  • PhD Doctor of Philosophy
  • MPhil Master of Philosophy
  • MRes Master of Research
  • MSc Master of Science
  • MA Master of Arts
  • MEd Master of Education
  • MMus Master of Music
  • MRes Master by Research

International students are eligible to apply in this University if they follow these procedures while applying in this University:

  • Complete application from online and show all the documents while applying in this University.
  • Official transcripts of all the high school and college must submit.
  • Bank statement verified by the bank must be shown for all the educational purpose.
  • Copy of passport is also necessary.
  • Minimum marks must scores in IELTS.

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