Hokkaido Information University

Hokkaido Information University was inaugurated in the year 1989 at the city of Ebetsu, Hokkaido with the core objectives of providing the equal opportunities to both boys & girls in IT fields as well as producing highly skilled manpower for educational sectors.  The students’ graduates from this University are able to develop the leadership ability and utilized their own skills & knowledge for the welfare of the society, country and entire world. Highly dedicated & experienced faculty members are the ornaments of the University where as highly skilled manpower is the pride of the University. It is decorated with fantastic academic programs, number of attractive facilities, quietude environment and equal opportunities in different sectors.

Hokkaido Information University has number of fantastic academic courses into graduate and undergraduate programs. The lists of courses are as follows:

  1. Undergraduate Programs:
  • E-Business Course
  • IT Entrepreneurship Course
  • IT Business Administration Strategy Course
  • E-Finance Management Course
  • Service Management Course
  • System Design Course
  • Computer Science Course
  • Robotics & Embedded Systems Course
  • Space Information System Course
  • Tourism Information System Course
  • IT Architecture Course
  • Health Information Management Course
  • Health Services Management Course
  • Medical Information System Course
  • Medical Information Technology Course
  • Health Information Science Course
  • Media Design Course
  • Video & Animation Course
  • 3D Computer Graphics Course
  • Web Design Course
  • Graphic Design Course
  • Media Technology Course
  • Media Programming Course
  • Game Programming Course
  • Internet Security Course
  • Internet Application Course
  • Mobile Application Course
  1. Graduate Programs:
  • Accounting Management Field
  • System Design Field
  • Creative Media Field

The requirements of all the international students while applying in this University are mention below:

  • Complete application from online and submit all the necessary documents too.
  • Official transcripts from high school to college must be shown.
  • Copy of passport is also required for all the international candidates.
  • Bank statement verified by the bank is also necessary for the educational purpose.
  • Every international student must know Japanese language more efficiently.

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