Hult International Business School

With objectives for providing quality business education Hult International

Business School was established in 1964 at different location in Boston,

Sanfrancio, London, Dubai, Shangai, NewYork as well as Ashridge Estate, UK.

Hult International Business School emphasizes on business programs with

experience led curriculum and forby international opportunuties. The business

School always focuses on management skills & qualification with international

platform who wants to make their career as a businessman and enterpreneur in

futher future. It has proven itself as a best university in international platform

through academic excellence. The team members of this business school are

comitted & dedicated to make their students extraordinary in this competative

Hult international Business School offers undergraduate, post graduate and other

degree programs which has been fruitful for many abroad students to sharpen their

hidden talent through the best guidence of school teams. The attractive programs

1. Undergraduate program:

 Bachelor of Business International Business Administration( BBA):

Hult International Business School helps BBA students for making

rational decision. It combines the new and updated curriculum

according to demand of the today’s global market. It provides the

innovative ideas and knowledge how to tackle in this competative

business world.

2. Postgraduate programs:

 Master of Finance: It helps to explore the international financing

market to those students who want to make their career in different

multinational companies. This is only one year programs under this

other specialization subjects are:

 International Accounting

 Managerial Economics

 Corporate Finance

 Master of International Business:

This is one of the awards winning one year program which helps the

students for making assured with the world finance, marketing,

operations, economics and other new strategies. The students can be

specialized in different aspects:

 Marketing

 Finance

 Enterpreneurship

 Project Management

 Sustainability

 General Management

 Master of International Marketing:

In this modern century, marketing plays a vital role for introducing

new product or services in different markets. With the objectives, one

year program is introduced by Hult International Business School so

that students can know about the global markets, consumer behaviour,

promoting new product and high competition.

 Master of Social Entrepreneurship:

Hult International Business School offers this program since

September 2011 till August 2016. Thi offer is not available now.

 Department of MBA:

 Executive MBA:

This program offers students the global, pratical and fexible

business education so that students can upgrade their career in

international market.

 MBA:

This is one year MBA program offers students to know about

global business, sharpen the managerial skills, to know about

advance technologies which are in this competative world.

3. Others programs:

 Ashrid Excutive Education:

It includes open programs, Custom programs as well as consultancy

for professionals.

Hult International Business School always welcomed all the students from the

different parts of world who want to change their quantam of wisdom irrespective

of their caste, creed & gender

International students should fulfill these procedures during the time of admission:

 Students must submit copy of passport, academic certificate

 Students must know English language proficiently.

 Students must scores optional marks in SAT/ ACT as well as in

 Students must submit immigration document with financial

 Students should complete their bachelor degree or equivalent

including application fee.



while applying in the master degree programs.