International Technological University (ITU)

International Technological University was established in 1994 as a non – profitable private university in SanJose, California. The university provides the quality as well as market responsive graduate programs from where students can rediscover themselves as a responsible managers and leaders world widely. Qualitative education system with student – centered teaching, extra- ordinary facilities, ample of curriculum target, internship facilities and other academic services are the main effort of ITU. Highly qualified academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals are considered as the ornaments and reputation of the ITU. The students of the university is known as extra –ordinary students who are able to develop the skills that are essential in this competitive world.

ITU is success to offers different master programs as under:

  • Business Administration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Digital Arts
  • Engineering Management

All these master programs are so effective to uplift the hidden talent of the students with the help of very energetic management team in pleasant and stimulating atmosphere of the university. The courses are below with different sections:

  1. Postgraduate Courses:
  2. Business Administration Department :
  • General MBA
  • MBA: Concentration in Accounting
  • MBA: Concentration in Bio Management
  • MBA: Concentration in Media Management
  • MBA: Concentration in Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP / SAP )
  • MBA: Concentration in Finance
  • MBA: Concentration in Healthcare Management
  • MBA: Concentration in Human Resource Management
  • MBA: Concentration in Information Systems Management
  • MBA: Concentration in International Business
  • MBA: Concentration in Management
  • MBA: Concentration in Marketing
  • MBA: Concentration in Project Management
  1. Digital Arts Department
  • MS in Digital Arts
  1. Engineering Management Department :
  • MS in Engineering Management
  1. Electrical Engineering Department :
  • MS in Computer Engineering
  • MS in Electrical Engineering
  1. Computer Science Department :

MS: Software Engineering

International Technological University (ITU) focuses on hardworking, creative as well as dedicated students. That’s why they have made the certain criteria at the time of admission:

  • International applicants should apply in the first month of May, September or January.
  • Students should pass out the bachelor degree from their own native nation if they want to admission in the master degree programs.
  • There should be proficiency in English language so, they have to pass in TOEFL(72), IELTS(6.0)
  • The students can submit their application through online too.
  • Students should submit the copy of passport and they have to show the bank statement with minimum of $ 36,293.25.
  • Students should have immigration documents, citizenship copy as well as OPT EAD card too.

Keep in touch:

Address: 2711 N First St.

SanJose, California CA


United States