Okayama University

Okayama University opened its door for the first time in the year 1949 at the city of Okayama. It is a famous public higher learning institution which is able to attract the number of students every year from different corners of the world. It has also other branches in different places of Tsushima, Shikata, Kurashiki, Misasa Higashiyama and Hirai.  More than 13000 graduate & undergraduate students enroll from 40 countries & religion. It committed to pursue standard higher education and encourage them to mobilize their education in different sectors for the welfare of the society, country and entire world. Well managerial classroom, well equipped resources, scholarship and self study library are the integral parts of the University.

Okayama University has different fantastic academic programs which are useful for all the students to boost up their career efficiently. The lists of programs are as follows:

  1. Undergraduate Programs:
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Aesthetics and History of Art
  • Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, and Socio-Cultural Studies
  • Psychology and Social Psychology
  • History and Archaeology
  • Linguistics and Linguistics of Modern Japanese
  • Japanese Linguistics and Literatures
  • Chinese, English, French, and German Linguistics and Literatures
  • Education
  • Common Introductory Courses
  • Public Law and Policy
  • Business Law
  • Legal Services
  • Liberal Arts
  • Economic analysis Courses
  • Policy Courses
  • International comparison Courses
  • Organization management Courses
  • Accounting Courses
  • Working foundation courses
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Earth Sciences
  • Syllabus
  • Medicine
  • Health Science
  • Dental Health
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Special Foundations
  • Mechanical and Systems Engineering
  • Electrical and Communication Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • Environmental & Mathematical Sciences
  • Environmental & Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Management Engineering
  • Environmental Chemistry & Materials
  • Agrochemical Bioscience
  • Applied Plant Science
  • Applied Animal Science
  • Environmental Ecology
  • Discovery Programs for Global Learner
  1. Graduate Programs:
  • Education
  • Philosophy and History of Ideas
  • Culture and Representation
  • Human Behavior
  • Theories of Law and Politics
  • Economic Theory and Statistics
  • Japanese and Asian Literature and Culture
  • Euro-American Literature and Culture
  • Linguistics
  • International and Comparative Law and Politics
  • Comparative Economics
  • History and Archeology
  • Public Law and Politics
  • Socio-Economic Planning and Policy Science
  • Legal Policies
  • Management Course of Regional Public Policy
  • Business Administration
  • Accounting
  • Economics in Organization
  • Human Culture
  • Social Culture
  • Japanese Culture
  • Comparative Social Development
  • Public Policy
  • Modern Corporations
  • Natural Science and Technology
  • Nursing
  • Radiological Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Graduate studies: Nursing
  • Graduate studies: Radiological Technology
  • Graduate studies: Medical Technology
  • Social Engineering and Environmental Management
  • Biological and Human Ecology
  • Sustainability of Resources
  • Science for Bio resources
  • Science for Bio-Production
  • Environmental Science
  • Agricultural and Life Science
  • Bio physiological Sciences
  • Bio pathological Sciences
  • Functional Recovery and Reconstruction
  • Social and Environmental Sciences

The requirements of all the international students while applying in this University are mentioned below:

  • Application should be given through online with necessary documents.
  • Official transcripts of high school and college must submit.
  • Verified bank statement is also necessary for the educational purpose.
  • Immigration documents and citizenship certificates are necessary.
  • International students must know Japanese language along with English language.

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