Osaka Electro-Communication University

Osaka Electro-Communication University was established in the year 1961 as a Private Electrical and Communication higher learning institution at the city of Neyagawa, Osaka. It offers number of courses based on electrical communication engineering which plays a vital role on practical and project work. It consists of two other campuses like: Neyagawa Campus and Shijonawate Campus which are expanding its services more efficiently. There are more than 5000 students enroll from different corners of the world without any discrimination on the basis of age, sex, language, nationality, religion, physical disabilities, caste & creeds.

Osaka Electro-Communication University has 13 subjects under the 5 departments like: faculty of engineering, faculty of information and communication engineering, faculty of biomedical engineering, faculty of information science and arts and faculty of financial economy. The lists of programs are mention below:

  1. Faculty of Engineering:
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Engineering Science
  1. Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering:
  • Engineering Informatics
  • Telecommunications and Computer Networks
  1. Faculty of Biomedical Engineering:
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Physical Therapy
  • Health-Promotion and Sports Science
  1. Faculty of Information Science and Arts:
  • Digital Art and Animation
  • Digital Games
  • Computer Science
  1. Faculty of Financial Economy:
  • Asset Management
  1. Graduate School of Engineering:
  • Electronics and Applied Physics
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Mechanical and Control Engineering
  • Information and Computer Sciences
  1. Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering:
  • Biomedical Engineering
  1. Graduate School of Information Science and Arts:
  • Digital Art and Animation
  • Digital Games
  • Computer Science

International candidates are eligible to apply in this University if they these procedures at the time of admission. The lists of procedures are as follows:

  • Complete application from online and show all the necessary documents too.
  • Official transcripts from high school to college must be shown.
  • Bank statement verified by the authorized personnel of the bank must submit to afford the cost of University.
  • Copy of passport is also necessary.
  • Japanese language is the most priority for all the international candidates.

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