Seisen Jogakuin College

Seisen Jogakuin College is a reputed Private women’s higher learning institution which was inaugurated in the year 2003 at the city of Nagano. It is well designed for providing quality education and research programs for the girls as well as motivates them to boost up their career in different sectors. It is the best home to all the students for exploring the new talent and show that hidden talent in front of the world. It is one of the fantastic Colleges among others Colleges of Japan with academic excellence, dedicated faculty members, attractive facilities and quietude environment for learning.

Seisen Jogakuin College offers number of courses which are listed below:

  1. 4years Courses:
  • Mind Science
  • Culture and Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Studies on Multiculturalism
  • Developmental Psychology(Early Childhood)
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Psychological Research Methods
  • Psychology and Information Processing
  • Educational Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Personality Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Psychological Experiments
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Psychology of Child Rearing
  • Psychology and Gender
  • Counseling
  • Mental Health
  • Art Therapy
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Moral Psychology
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Basic Reading
  • British and American Literature
  • English Conversation
  • English Phonetics
  • English Expression
  • Listening & Pronunciation
  • Speech & Discussion
  • Children’s English Seminar
  • Educational Psychology
  • Comparative Culture Studies
  • Education and Christianity
  • Religions in Western Europe
  • Child Literature in Britain and the US
  • Teaching English to Children
  • Regional Sociology
  • English Composition
  • Business English for TOEIC
  • English for International Exchange
  • TOEIC Preparation
  • Canadian Cultural Studies
  • Understanding Different Cultures
  • Presentation Skills
  • Reading Strategies
  • Theory of Teaching Profession
  • Contemporary Art
  • Information Processing
  • Information
  • Basic Web Design
  • Seminar on Web Programming
  • Web Design Seminar
  • Theory of Art Design
  • Seminar Multimedia
  • Regional Development
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Introduction to Data Processing
  • Information Processing
  • Digital Art
  • Color Coordination
  • Advertising Designs
  1. 2 years Courses:
  • Child Caregivers Seminar
  • Basic Principles of Education
  • Theory of Childcare
  • Child Welfare
  • Theory of Protective Care
  • Social Welfare
  • Community Welfare
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Child Health
  • Mental Health
  • Introduction to Childcare Consultation
  • Play and Environment
  • Teaching Methods for Childcare
  • Study of Childcare Observation
  • Studies in Expression Activities
  • Care of Handicapped Childcare
  • Infant Care
  • Child Nutrition
  • Music
  • Drawing and Handicrafts
  • Physical Education
  • Educational Information Processing Seminar
  • Upbringing and Communication
  • Study of Child Culture
  • Introduction to World Culture
  • International Cooperation
  • English Seminar
  • English Conversation
  • Foundations of Information
  • Project Seminar
  • Asian Culture Study
  • American Culture Study
  • European Culture Study
  • Comparative Culture
  • Theory of International Relations
  • Global Environmental Issues
  • Business Communication
  • NPO
  • Volunteer Seminar
  • Vocabulary Building
  • International Seminar

International students are eligible to apply in this College if they follow these procedures at the time of admission. The lists of procedures are as follows:

  • Submit application from online and show all the necessary documents too.
  • Copy of passport is required.
  • Official transcripts from high school to college must submit.
  • Japanese language is the major priority for all the international students.
  • Bank balance must submit for the educational purpose.

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Seisen Jogakuin College,

Yubinbango381-0085 Nagano,

Nagano Prefecture Ueno,