Torrens University of Australia

Torrens University of Australia was established in the year 2012 at South Australia. It always tries to represent the evolution of the new generation and encourage them to brighten their future in different educational sectors. The others location of this University are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. It always ready to welcome the numbers of students from different corners of the world without any discrimination on the basis of age, sex, colors, nationality, language, caste and creed. Highly qualified and dedicated faculty members are the ornaments of the University where as skilled manpower is the pride of the University.

Torrens University of Australia offers different fantastic academic programs which are as follows:

  1. Undergraduate Programs:
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Business (Event Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Business (Public Relations)
  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Business (Event Management)
  • Diploma of Marketing
  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Branded Environments
  • Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Design
  • Bachelor of Communication Design
  • Bachelor of Digital Media (3D Design & Animation)
  • Bachelor of Digital Media (Film & Video Design)
  • Bachelor of Digital Media (Interaction Design)
  • Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial)
  • Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential)
  • Diploma of Design
  • Diploma of Digital Media Design
  • Diploma of Graphic Design
  • Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration
  • Diploma of Photo Imaging
  • Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Game Art)
  • Bachelor of Media Design
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering (Game Programming)
  • Business Direct Entry Program (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • Design Direct Entry Program (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • English for Academic Purposes (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • General English (Elementary to Pre-Intermediate)
  • Health Direct Entry Program (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • Hospitality Direct Entry Program (Intermediate to Advanced)
  • Bachelor of Applied Public Health
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics)
  • Bachelor of Human Services (Ageing)
  • Bachelor of Human Services (Disability)
  • Bachelor of Nutrition
  • Diploma of Health and Wellbeing
  • Diploma of Human Services
  • Diploma of Nutrition
  • Bachelor of Business (International Event Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (International Hotel and Resort Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)
  • Diploma of Leadership and Management
  1. Postgraduate Programs:
  • Graduate Certificate in Collective Entrepreneurship
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Graduate Certificate of Business Administration
  • Graduate Diploma of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Doctor of Business Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate in UX and Web Design
  • Graduate Certificate of Design
  • Graduate Diploma of Design
  • Master of Design
  • Graduate Certificate of Education (Autism)
  • Graduate Certificate of Education (Innovation and Change)
  • Master of Education (Early Childhood)
  • Master of Education (Reading & Literacy)
  • Graduate Certificate of Public Health
  • Graduate Diploma of Public Health
  • Master of Human Services Management
  • Master of Public Health
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Master of Global Business Management
  • Master of International Hotel Management
  • Graduate Certificate of Global Project Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Global Project Management
  • Master of Global Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration (Sports Management)
  • Graduate Certificate of Education (Mental Health)
  • Graduate Certificate of Education (Special Education)
  • Master of Education (Innovation And Change)
  • Master of Education (Special Education)

The requirements of all the international students while applying in this University are as follows:

  • Complete application from online and show all the required documents.
  • All the academic reports of high school and college must submit.
  • Copy of passport is also one of the necessary documents while applying in this University.
  • Verification of all the financial documents for the educational expenses.
  • There should be optimum marks in IELTS / TOEFL / PTE / CAE.

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