Toyohashi University of Technology

Toyohashi University of Technology, situated at the city of Toyohashi, Aichi was inaugurated in the year 1976. Its core objective is to provide the technical education and number of research programs to boost up the entire career of the students in the field of technology. There are more than 1400 graduate and undergraduate students including 163 international students are enrolling in this University. The students’ graduates from this University are able to compete with other talent and earn name & fame in their technical interested field. Well managerial classroom, well equipped resources, scholarship, self study library, extracurricular activities and so on are the integral parts of the University.

Toyohashi University of Technology offers numbers of courses under different departments like:

  1. Department of Mechanical Engineering:
  • Mechanical System Design
  • Material and Manufacturing
  • System Control and Robotics
  • Environment and Energy
  1. Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering:
  • Electronic Materials
  • Electrical Systems
  • Integrated Electronics
  • Information and Communication Systems
  1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering:
  • Computer and Mathematics Science
  • Data Informatics
  • Human and Brain Informatics
  • Media Informatics and Robotics
  1. Department of Environmental and Life Sciences:
  • Bioscience and Biotechnology
  • Molecular Chemistry
  • Advanced Environmental Technology
  • Ecological Engineering
  1. Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering:
  • Architecture and Urban Design
  • Urban and Regional Management
  1. Departments of Liberal Arts and Science:
  • Humanities
  • Natural Science and Basic Engineering
  • Planning / Management Science
  • Communication

International students are eligible to apply in this University if they follow these procedures at the time of admission. The lists of programs are mentioned below:

  • Application should be given through online and show all the necessary documents too.
  • Official transcripts from higher level to lower level must be shown.
  • Immigration documents and citizenship certificate are also necessary documents for all the international applicants.
  • Financial statement verified by the bank is necessary to afford the cost of University.
  • Japanese language is the major priority of all the international students.

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