Utsunomiya University

Since 1949 it has been contributing towards providing quality education & research programs as well as exporting highly skilled manpower which can be utilized in different productive sectors. It has the strong opinion on career and personal development of the students. It focuses on international studies, education, engineering and agriculture. More than 6000 students enroll and over 600 dedicated & experienced faculty members are involving in this University. All the academic programs are fantastic, practice oriented, skill oriented and employment oriented due to what numbers of students from different corners of the world are fascinated towards the University.

Utsunomiya University offers numbers of programs under the different faculties of international studies, education, engineering and agriculture which are as follows:

  1. Faculty of International studies:
  • International Politics
  • International Law
  • International Economics
  • Transnational Sociology
  • Basic Linguistics
  • Comparative Culture
  • Art and Culture
  • Modern History of Europe and America
  1. Faculty of Education:
  • Professional Teacher Education
  • Educational Science
  • Special Needs Education
  • School Subject
  1. Faculty of Engineering:
  • Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Architecture and Civil Engineering
  • Information Science
  1. Graduate School of Engineering:
  • Mechanical and Intelligent Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic System Engineering
  • Material and Environmental Chemistry
  • Design and Engineering for the Global Engineering
  • Information Systems Science
  • Optical Engineering
  • Innovative Systems Engineering
  1. Faculty of Agriculture:
  • Agro biology and Bio resources
  • Applied Biological Chemistry
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Forest Sciences

International students are eligible to apply in this University if they follow these procedures at the time of admission. The lists of procedures are mentioned below:

  • Application should be given through online and show all the necessary documents too.
  • Official transcripts from higher level to lower level must be shown.
  • Immigration documents along with citizenship certificate are required for entire international candidates while applying in this University.
  • Bank statement verified by the bank must submit by international candidates to afford the cost of University.
  • Every international student must have proficiency on Japanese language.

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